Cute Layered Hairstyle

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As the summer months approach, many of us find ourselves wanting a new and refreshed look! This can mean changing the style of our outfits, the makeup we wear, and of course, the hairstyle we choose.

Layered haircuts are a great look for anyone with medium-length hair. They are flattering, easy to maintain, and give you a stylish and chic look. There are so many different styles to choose from, so you can have a unique look that’s still low-maintenance.

The Classic Layered Look

If timeless is your goal, the classic layered look is a great option. It works best with straight hair and is all about balance. To achieve this look, the sides and back are cut shorter, while layers are left graduated and long around the face. These layers will create soft movement as you style your hair or even when worn naturally.

Closeup of Asian woman smiling with shoulder length layered hairstyle and bangs swept to the side

The Modern Layers Look

If you prefer a more contemporary style, then the modern layered look is perfect for you. Create volume and movement in your hair with short layers. The secret to making this look work is to leave pieces of longer hair around your face and the crown of your head. With a little bit of styling product and a volumizing mousse, you can make your look even more dimensional and modern.

Side view of Asian woman with layered mid-length hairstyle

The Bangs Layered Look

Bangs are still a popular hairstyle choice and can be used to create different looks. If you have thicker hair, bangs blended with layers can give your hair a softer look. If you choose to go with this look, make sure to use lots of product to keep them in place. This look gives a great overall effect and is always in style.

Closeup of Asian woman with layered hairstyle and bangs

Try these great layered hairstyles to switch up your look. With just a few simple tips, you can create a modern and fashionable style that is sure to turn heads!

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