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Some days you just want to feel pretty and add some flair to your look. It’s easy to find makeup inspirations from around the web and then adapt them to your liking. We’ve gathered some of the cutest makeup looks for when you want to feel pretty sure of yourself.

This cute butterfly eye makeup will be sure to get everyone’s attention. It requires some crafty brushwork but your end result will be worth every minute spent. All you need is vibrant eye shadow colors, a few different brushes, and lots of eye glitter!

butterfly eye makeup look

This look is perfect to pair up with a night out or a sparkly dress. Adding a dramatic eye look will give you that extra special touch.

If you’re looking for more subtle look, this soft pastel eye makeup would be perfect. This look requires only blending of colors and a little sparkle for the lids.

cute pastel eye makeup look

This look is perfect to wear casual or to pair with a special outfit. You don’t need to wear extra detailing when you have such an amazing eye look.

If you want something more edgier, this skull and rose look is super cute. You’ll need a white colored eyeshadow or eyeliner to complete this look.

Skull and rose makeup look

This look will add just the right details to give you those rock star vibes. Pair it with any outfit and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Feeling glamorous? Give this red and gold look a try. You’l need some darker and glitter eyeshadows to complete the look.

Red and gold glamour makeup look

The combination of glitter, gold, and red brings the extra sparkly and magical feel. If you’re attending a ball or a special event, this look will be sure to help you stand out.

Finding makeup inspirations is easy and you don’t have to wear these looks exactly as seen.You can easily adapt them to your own preference and wear them confidently. Have fun creating and make sure to take lots of selfies!

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