Daily Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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When it comes that it look perfect for all the formal and casual occasions, we always go for medium length hair. According to experts, medium length hair is the most universal look. What says more about the versatility of medium hair is that it works great with just about any hair texture. It also offers tons of ways to be styled that includes soft waves, casual boho-style braids to curls.

Daily Hairstyle for Medium Hair

An image of a beautiful woman with chin length hair blow-dried and ended with soft waves.

It isn’t easy to come up with a new hair style to surprise everyone everyday. We know the drill; some days we just don’t have time to create a glamorous hairdo. Even if you don’t have much time to style it, you can still create something really classy and perfect for everyday. Here is quick tutorial that shows How to Do an Easy Daily Hairstyle for Medium Hair.

Start with a simple blow dry. Give the desired texture to the hair like straight, curls, or whatever you want. You can even add bounce with a curling iron.

Divide the hair into 2 sections and make 2 braids, one on each side. Don’t tie the knots too tight, keep them loose. Secure the ends of the braid with bobby pins if required.

Now you can keep the 2 braids in front, crossing over each other and secure it with pins. Pull Out a few sections from the braid which will give you an effortless and voluminous braid. Finish the look with hairspray and it is ready to hit the party.

Messy Ponytail

A young woman with chin-length hair pulled into a low, messy ponytail and secured with two elastic bands.

The messy ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle one can get. It’s not just looks amazing but can be created within a few minutes. You can create messier or neater look depending on the occasion.

To start with, divide your hair into 2 sections right at the back. Combine the two sections and secure the ponytail with one band. You can also draw in different sections to give a wavy and thick look to the ponytail. Now, divide the ponytail in two sections, twist them and form a loose braid. Secure the end with one band. Make sure the ponytails are uneven and bit messy. Spritz some hairspray and you are ready to rock.

Colourful French Braid

A young woman with chin-length hair has 3 colourful French braids, one in the center and one on each side.

The colourful French braid is a classic hairstyle every girl with medium hair should try. Pick 2 or 3 shades of your favourite colours and illustrate them on your hair! This hairstyle looks impressive if you want to attend any event or if you want to try a new style for the next outing.

Start by picking up a section at the top of your head, divide it into 3 separate strands and start a French braid. Keep adding some colours as you braid it along. Follow the same steps on the left and right side of your hair. When done, secure it with a band and show off the french braids. Now, take all three braids, cross each other and secure it with a band. Adjust the braid in the
How to Do an Easy Daily Hairstyle for Medium Hair? Quick Tutorials