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Celebrating a major dance recital start with expressing one’s prefered look. Dance moms are familiar with this very well – they want their little dancers to look amazing and make sure their makeup is applied properly!

Dance + Cheer Moms: You Only Have To Apply This Makeup Once

Mother and daughter dressed in costumes with face make up

Here, we want every dance mom out there to know that you only have to apply this makeup once! Do not worry – this makeup won’t smudge or come off. Just apply properly and your little one will be good to go for her big day!

16 Best Dance Moms Makeup Images On Pinterest

Little girl in a pink ballet outfit with face make up

Dance moms on Pinterest share their best makeup tips and images with each other. There they also share their ideas and approaches on how to style their dancer in the most appropriate way. Of course, a most important factor is the makeup! Be sure to stay up-to-date and get your makeup inspiration from these top 16 images from dance moms all around the world.

Dance Moms Kendall Vertes

A young girl with long blonde hair in a costume with face make up

Kendall Vertes is a well-known dance moms who is famous for her amazing makeup looks. She often shows off her up-do’s, her smoky eyes, and her bright lip colors. Kendall always manages to look flawless on recital day and knows how to create a look that the audience will remember! So be sure to take inspiration from her looks.

Making sure your little one looks their best on performance day is important. Dance moms can take the pressure off and just get a little bit of inspiration from some existing images and looks. Of course, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice! The perfect makeup look is just a few steps away.

Dance + Cheer moms: You only have to apply this makeup once. AND It won
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