Dark Fairy Makeup

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Glam-up this Halloween season with an ethereal Dark Fairy look! With some skill and basic makeup tools, you can recreate this fashionable yet frightful style. This lovely look, inspired by Trick or Treaters from all around, blends light and dark elements to create a gloomy, mystical character.

Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

woman with dark fairy makeup

Begin by gathering the right cosmetics. You’ll need foundation, eye shadow, and shimmer powder of different colors. For the details, get a black eyeliner, mascara, and false eyelashes. Finally, blend your dark fairy look with misty sparkles!

To start, apply your foundation. Make sure to blend it properly. Then, create a gradient of colors over the eyelids. Use your favorite colors for a custom look. Then, use black eyeliner to line the eyes. To bring out your fairy character, apply mascara and false eyelashes.

Dark Fairy Costume

woman with a costume of a dark fairy

No pixie ensemble is complete without the perfect costume. Create a mystical fairy effect with an all-black ensemble. For a dramatic touch, add wings and silvery jewelry. Remember, the goal is to become a mysterious creature that flitters in the night.

Glam Dark Fairy Tips

woman with shimmery makeup of a dark fairy

For a fairy look with a modern touch, break the color scheme by adding subtle smoky colors, metallic shades, and pastel colors. During the day, avoid too many face powders to prevent shining. Finally, use glossy lipsticks and silver shimmer for an iridescent effect.

Dark Fairy Makeup Look

Finish your look with some fairy dust: dust your face and arms with shine powder, and add large flowers and jewels. If you can’t find Halloween makeup of the right colors, try mixing certain colors of lipstick and eyeshadow to obtain the desired hue. Have fun while wearing this dark fairy look!

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