Dark Mermaid Makeup

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Mermaids always have been a captivating topic for many. This Halloween, why not channel your inner mermaid with a mystical dark mermaid makeup look. Get creative with this look and create something spectacular for all your admirers.

A dark makeup look with a blend of blues and greys on the eyes and lips.Dark Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

The key to achieving a mystical mermaid look is to use a blend of blues and greys on the eyes and lips. To achieve this powerful look, start with the eyes and use a medium grey shadow over the entire lid, followed by a dark grey in the outer corner and a shimmery blue to the inner corner. Next, you can add on some embellishments and sparkles, or create a scale pattern with a thin brush. Finish up this look with a light blue and grey lip shade, and you’re all set for your dark mermaid transformation!

A dark makeup look showcasing dark eyes with purple and white highlights.20 Mermaid Halloween Makeup You’ll Love

One of the most popular choices of Halloween makeup each year is the mermaid. Whether it’s a slightly more subtle look or something more glamourous, this look can be adjusted to fit any costume you’re wearing. This version of the look, makes use of dark toned eyes with a light purple and white shimmering highlights. This helps creates the perfect foundation for a glossy lip. Take this look to the next level with a sequin mermaid accent by applying a few sparkly sequins around your eye area to achieve a look that will make everyone around you take notice.

A dark makeup look that swaps out blue for a blend of purples and oranges.25 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you’re looking to get creative this Halloween, why not opt for a contrasting dark and light blend of purples and oranges for your makeup style? This look uses a variety of shades and tones, from a brighter orange at the inner corners of the eyes, to darker hues of purple in the outer sections. The bold purple shade is then carried onto the lips, creating a dramatic look. Complete your transformation with some quirky earrings and statement makeup to complete your new mysterious mermaid look.

This Halloween, challenge your creativity and put together a mesmerizing and enchanting dark mermaid makeup look full of magical charm and mystique. You’re sure to leave your admirers breathless with this bold and unique style.

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