David Beckham Long Hairstyle

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You might be feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of hairstyle options for men. But don’t worry; there’s no need to get a wholly new look. Long length hairstyles can be classic, professional and edgy, all while still keeping things classic.

One look is David Beckham’s hairstyle. Whether you have a naturally sleek hairline or some natural curl, Beckham’s style still works. The main styling of the look is a classic brushed back with a side part. To get this look, use some pomade or wax to lock in the style and shape. This look can be quickly snazzy and chic with a simple shower and brush. It is also a look that can be pulled off in just minutes, great when you’re running late and need to look put-together fast.

Long Crisscross Fade

man with wavy medium-length hair

A standout style is the long crisscross fade. This look is impossible to miss, as the top is cut into blades and then tapers from there, creating sharp edges. However, if dramatic sides aren’t your thing, there are also shorter options available. Additionally, this look can be taken to the next level with styling products and a straightener.

Wavy Volume Top

man with wavy medium-length hair

If you’re feelin’ some extra volume, the wavy volume top will do the job. This hairstyle is fun and playful, as it allows you to play with your waves without a ton of product. To get this look, simply scrunch and style with a product of your choosing. This look can also be quickly changed around with a few different products and temperatures. So if you’re in the mood for something casual, you can just slick it back. Or if you want to dress it up for a night out, you can apply a bit of gel and let the waves take center stage.

Long Length Layered Cut

man with wavy medium-length hair

Long layered cuts can be a great look for guys who don’t want any drastic changes but still want to shake things up. Try cutting your top and back layers shorter to give your look a bit of texture, but leave the sides and back as is. This style is versatile and can go from casual to dressed up with some product and a teasing comb. Or leave it smooth and cool if that’s more your style.

Half-Up Man Bun

man with wavy medium-length hair

Finally, if you want something more edgy, try a half-up man bun. Simply part your hair down the center and tie the top part in a man bun. As with any style, there are a variety of ways to spice this look up. Try pairing your man bun with a tightly shaved side part for a sharp and chic style. Or take it a step further and add a fade into the mix. You can even add product or extra height to the bun for a completely different look.

These are just a few of the hairstyle options available to men with long length hair. So whether you fancy something professional, sleek or edgy,
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