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The genius of one the world’s greatest stars and his impact on the beauty world has made him an inspiration for those who love to try out new looks. David Bowie was renowned for his ability to change his looks and today, makeup artists have followed suit. In honor of his memory and lasting influence, we take a look at some of his most iconic looks created with makeup.

Easy David Bowie Makeup Tutorial

A person in a David Bowie make-up look

Monika Boch shows us how to recreate the perfect David Bowie look. Her easy-to-follow tutorial has all the tips and tricks to create a look sure to grab everyone’s attention. With little more than some bright, coloured makeup and a white face base, you’ll look like the legendary Aladdin San.

These Makeup Artists Are Recreating David Bowie’s Most Iconic Looks

A person in a glamorous make up look with a bright red wig

Vogue took some of Bowie’s most iconic landmarks and asked a variety of makeup artists and models to create their own looks. Whether it’s in a tribute to Ziggy Stardust or an interpretation of his music video Looks That Kill, these looks show just how much Bowie has inspired the beauty world.

The 25+ Best David Bowie Makeup Ideas

A person in a 70s graphic eye makeup look

Pinterest ideas have become a massive source of creative inspiration and these David Bowie makeup ideas are no different. From subtle to outrageous looks that are perfect for a night out or Cosplay event, you can get your Bowie glam on and pay homage to the man himself.

David Bowie’s look was integral to his character and not only way he expressed himself as an artist, but changed the culture of beauty forever. His colourful makeup, glitter, leather and all out outrageousness left an everlasting impression, proving that beauty is something to be explored, not confined. The amazing looks created by the many makeup artists proves that they still honour the legacy of one of the greatest rock stars of all time.

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These Makeup Artists Are Recreating David Bowie's Most Iconic Looks
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