Day Of The Dead Male Makeup

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With Halloween just around the corner, we start to look for options to make this time of the year the most memorable ever. Make-up seems to be the one thing that would guarantee you the perfect “scary” look during this time of the year. We’ve compiled some of the best Day of the Dead make-up tutorials for males ready to use!

Day of the Dead Face Paint for a Man

The first tutorial we’ll be tackling will be a Dia de los Muertos face paint for a man. This look features a sugar skull theme, making it all the more interesting and perfect for this special day.

man with face paint of a sugar skull

Start by covering the face in white paint and set it with powder. On top of that apply around the eyes some black paint. Now, you should draw a large bow at the top (depending on the size of the face) and, on the sides, two more thin lines that will act as two small skulls. You can draw the nose and the mouth with red paint and also draw two small eyes.

Day of the Dead Make-up for Man with a Beard

If you are looking for great Day of the Dead make-up tutorials for males with a beard, do not worry, you will be able to find some ideas.

man with beard and face paint of a skull

In this tutorial, you can paint your beard completely white and then add black paint to the forehead, nose, and eye area. Create the design of the skull by adding black paint to the rest of the beard and cheeks. Draw the eyes and the mouth with red paint. Apply eyeshadow of some feathers around.

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Finally, we’ve selected this tutorial which looks more like a costume given the hat and the fangs, but you can easily change up the look to make it even more suitable for Day of the Dead make-up tutorials for males.

man with face paint of a skull wearing a hat

Start by covering your face in white and black face paints. Add the eyes, nose, and an open mouth with red. You can also add details with black paint. Finally, wear a hat and add some big black and white fangs to complete the look.

Day of the Dead make-up tutorials for males allow you to have a unique and different look. Choose any of these ideas and start preparing your costume. Have fun and happy Halloween!

Dia de los muertos face paint for a man | Sugar skull makeup, Dia de
Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muertos makeup for man with a beard
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