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Halloween is a time for dressing up, makeovers and trying out new looks. Deer makeup for Halloween is a great way to transform into a beautiful animal. It is also simple enough that anyone can do it. Whether you are aiming for a scary look or something more sweet and subtle, deer makeup provides many possibilities.

#1 Deer Halloween Makeup Idea

Deer Halloween Makeup

This look is all about the eyes. Using brown and white shadows, create an outline of a deer’s face around the eyes. From there, draw in the antler shape and fill the rest of the face with black. Finally, add highlights and red detailing around the eyes to emphasize the look.

#2 Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

For those seeking a more subtle deer look, try a soft pink, white and silver combination. Begin by using a white shadow to outline the face with a few added white details for proper dimension. Use a blush color for the nose, and some light pink for additional detailing. Finally, use a soft silver shadow for the antlers.

#3 Lovely Deer Halloween Makeup Ideas

Lovely Deer Halloween Makeup Ideas

For a spooky take on the deer look, go for bold colors like a deep green and gold. Start by creating the face outline like a typical deer look. Take it up a notch by adding a shimmery silver shadow for the antlers and highlights. Then, use a bright, metallic gold or green to fill in the front portion of the face.

Deer makeup is a great choice for Halloween. It’s subtle enough for a simple look, can be made spooky, or glam depending on the makeup combination. Add the appropriate costume and some animal ears and you’ll be set for a fantastic Halloween look.

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