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Putting together a creepy demon makeup look can be a great way to make the spooky holiday even more fun. Whether you’re planning to host a costume party or want to create a memorable look for trick-or-treating, a demon-inspired look is sure to make a huge statement. Demon makeup can be created in a variety of ways, from subtle and spooky to truly terrifying. No matter your style, our roundup of demon makeup ideas will help you get the look you’re looking for.

Demon Halloween Makeup

Demon Halloween makeup

This Demon Halloween Makeup look makes for a great costume at any Halloween party. A grey face paint base combined with black and white makeup can be used to create this look. The cheeks are then lined in white to give it an eerie, skeletal effect. To finish the look, some simple black eye makeup is all you’ll need.

Creepy Demon Makeup

Creepy Demon makeup

This Creepy Demon Makeup look is perfect for when you really want to make a statement on Halloween night. Grey and black face paints are used to create the look, with added details such as a demonic mouth and creepy, spider-like eyes. For an even more dramatic effect, fake blood and fake eyelashes can be used to make the eyes look even more creepy.

Demon Makeup Design

Demon makeup design

This Demon Makeup Design offers a slightly different take on the demon look. Instead of the traditional grey and black face paint, this look features a bright red face paint that contrasts nicely with the white eye makeup. Combined with a fierce expression and you will surely make a statement at any Halloween party.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, spooky look or something truly terrifying, these demon makeup ideas will help you get the perfect look. Keep things simple and use face paints and makeup to create the look, or go all out and add some fake blood and eyelashes for a more dramatic effect. No matter your style, you’ll be sure to make an impact on Halloween night with a demon-inspired makeup look.

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