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When it comes to looking good and taking care of yourself, sometimes there are easier and more convenient ways to get the results you want. DIY Nail Decals can be a real time saver and you can customize each design to match any outfit. Use a printer to create custom nail decals and save yourself a trip to the nail salon.

Step 1: Prepare the Printable Nail Decal

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You can either print the designs already on your computer, sketch out your own design on paper, or use a nail design software. Once you have your design completed, print it on an adhesive-type paper, similar to label sheets.

Step 2: Cut Your Nail Decal

Cut out as many nail decals as you need, cutting around your design. The smaller and more intricate the design, the harder cutting will be. Take your time and be careful not to distort your design.

Step 3: Paint & Apply

Paint your nails in your chosen color and wait for them to dry. Apply your nail decal and caress it gently over the nail. Once it has taken effect, you can remove any excess decal material.

Step 4: Seal the Design

Topcoat your design with a clear polish to seal the design and make it last longer. You can also use a glossy topcoat or a matte topcoat if desired.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Show off your newly made DIY Nail Decals and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive. With your own custom nail decals, there is no limit to the designs you can create – the possibilities are endless!

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