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In the 1970’s Disco was a huge trend, even in the realm of beauty. People were loving the unique Disco Eye look and showing off their creativity with it! But, did you ever wonder how to get that perfect glittery 70’s eyeshadow look? Well, if you’re looking for some tips on recreating the classic 70’s style look, this article is for you!

Disco Eyes – A Glitter Eye

A person with glittery eyeshadow in the shape of a heart and stars

The Disco Eye look features brighter colors and more glitter than most makeup looks. The popular look is all about framing the eye with glitter, giving you a unique and eye-catching look. To recreate this look, start with a creamy, glittery eyeshadow on the lid, plus a smokier shadow in the crease. Then, use liner and false lashes to accentuate the eyes. Finally, grab a metallic eyeliner to trace around the edge of your eyelid. Finish off with a healthy dose of glitter to really make your eyes sparkle!

70’s Disco Makeup Looks

A person with bright blue eyeshadow, pink sparkles above the eyes, and a sparkly pink lipstick

When it comes to the 70’s, the brighter the better! You can incorporate lots of bold colors and sparkles into this look to really make a statement! Start with a light, shimmery eyeshadow on the lids, then transition to a bright pop of color just above the crease. Add some liquid liner on the top lash line and false lashes for extra drama. For a bold pout, try a bright pink glittery lipstick to finish the look.

More 70’s Disco Makeup Ideas

A person with light pink, sparkly eyeshadow, purple below the eyes, and a bright purple lipstick

Another fun 70’s trend was to pair different colors and textures on each side of your face. For a daring look, start by applying a light, shimmery eyeshadow on the lids, then transition to a darker hue just above the crease. Shift to an opposite color on the other eye, making sure to apply eyeliner, false lashes, and glitter to both to ensure a balanced look. Paired with a bold, glittery lipstick and you’ll be rocking the 70’s look in no time!

So if you’re looking to rock that classic 70’s style, why not try out a Disco Eye look? It’s all about adding some shine, some glitter, and some color to your face – you don’t need to go too crazy, but the brighter the better!

70 S Disco Makeup Looks - Mugeek Vidalondon
70 S Disco Makeup Looks - Mugeek Vidalondon
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