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Discontinued makeup can be a nightmare for even the most seasoned of beauty gurus. There are countless cult favorites that we wish we could get our hands on, but unfortunately they just don’t exist anymore. The products we remember fondly and had an emotional attachment to can be so difficult to say goodbye to. Here are the six best discontinued makeup products, and some good alternatives!

How to Find Discontinued Makeup

Dermatologist and model consulting about discontinued makeup

Finding a particular product that has been discontinued can seem pretty daunting. To start, checking the store or online brands from which you would normally purchase could be a good place to start. One option is to also look through sample sales, department stores and beauty outlets.

Discontinued Makeup Swaps

Various products that give the same result as a discontinued makeup product

When a particular makeup product has been discontinued, we often search for alternatives. There are tons of replacement cosmetics out there that will give you the same or even better results than the discontinued one. You can either approach it creatively and try different products, or find things that are similar to what you’re used to.

Top Recently Discontinued Makeup

Low quality products that have been discontinued

Recently, a handful of makeup and beauty products have been discontinued, leaving us without an essential component of our makeup collections. Products that have gone for a final ride include the CoverGirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation, Revlon PhotoReady Stick and Clinique’s Superbalanced Silk Makeup.

Even though it can be difficult to come to terms with, discontinued makeup products are a part of life and happen to everyone. The best way to cope with this news is to find suitable replacements. With the correct amount of research, you can find the perfect alternative. Good luck!

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