Disgust Makeup

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Disgust can often be an difficult emotion to capture in facial expressions. Makeup art has become a powerful way to explore different human emotions – from joy to anger being really explored. This post presents some of the most creative examples of makeup art inspired by the emotion of ‘disgust’.

Emotions Makeup Series – Disgust by Katie Alves

Photo of a person making a disgusted face while they have red colored lipstick and a raised eyebrow

The artistry seen in this photo of disgust makeup by Katie Alves is unparalleled. With her rich dark skin color accompanied by striking red lipstick, the expression depicted is vivid. The intense raising of the eyebrow accentuate the disgusted look making it an extraordinary photo.

Inside Out, Disgust Makeup by Allie

Photo of a person making a disgusted face while they have exaggerated overly wide eyes and light yellow colored eye shadow

This makeup art by Allie is just as daring and unique. Her light yellow eye shadow along with exaggeratedly wide eyes give this disgusted expression the complexity it deserves. The lime green hue along her cheeks makes the entire artwork so much more intriguing.

Inside Out – Disgust Makeup

Photo of a person making a disgusted face while they have a yellowish green color over the cheeks and large eyes

Charisma Star’s Inside Out Disgust makeup stands out from the other two makeup art pieces due to its combination of dark and light hues. Her yellowish green color over the cheeks gives a warm tinge to the overall artwork. The large eyes make this emotion come alive.

These three makeup art examples demonstrate different interpretations for the emotion of disgust. As makeup art can be a medium to express ourselves creatively, it provides an array of opportunities to explore the different facets of our emotions.

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