Diy Halloween Makeup

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Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays to dress up and have some fun with your look. Whether you want to go as a simple witch or something more creative and creative, DIY Halloween makeup is the way to go. You can easily create your getup with a few products and tools you can find at any drug store. Read on for some inspiring and festive looks for you to rock this season.

2016 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Witch with a black dress and white hat with spider webs attached

This witch look is timeless and it’s so easy to pull off. All you need is a black dress, white hat and some spider webs. Apply a black eyeliner to create the perfect bushy brows, and add some red lipstick to provide a hint of color. To make the spider webs, simply use black eyeliner and work it in an outward spiral.

2016 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

A girl with cobweb lines around her face and eyes

This web-lines inspired look is really simple and creates a really cool effect. To do it, you’ll just need to use black liquid liner to draw the cobweb lines. You can choose to draw them organically in a zigzag fashion or create the complete cobweb look. Add a few spider decorations and you’re ready.

12 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Skeleton face with a yawning skull full of rotted teeth and a black crown resting on its head

This skeleton look is unique and girly without trying too hard. To pull off this bold look, draw a few black lines using a liquid liner to create the bones. The eyes can be done using black and white face paint, and just add a few white highlights with a matte eyeshadow to create a weathered and worn out look. Complete the look with a black crown and some rotted teeth.

Halloween is the perfect day to get creative with makeup. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with your look, it just takes a bit of imagination to come up with the perfect look. So, experiment and have fun!

12 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas - crazyforus
2016 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas – Fashion Trend Seeker
2016 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas – Fashion Trend Seeker