Diy Nailarts: Nail Art Tools

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Girls these days are really into accessorizing and styling their outfits. No matter how fancy or plain an outfit may be, it’s not complete without some colorful nail art. But doing nail art requires using the right tools, and depending on the type of design you want to create, you might need some special products. Today we’ll check out some of the best nail art tools you should definitely have if you wanna be a pro nail artist at home.

3 Neat Little Tool Combos

One of the most convenient things when it comes to creation nail art designs is having a toolbox where you store all your tools that come in handy. So here are a few tools combo sets you can use to craft your perfect nail design.

Nail art tools

Polish Bottle With Long & Short Brush

The two sided brush that usually comes with the nail paint bottles is actually kinda handy when it comes to precision art. Especially if you’re a beginner the long brush can be used to apply the paint on the nails without any mess. And the small brush can be used to create intricate patterns on the larger canvas.

Cuticle Pusher & Cutter

These two tools are quite necessary for any nail art. The cuticle pusher helps in pushing and shaping the cuticles around the nails so that it easier to create accurate artistic designs with no interruption. Cutters help in trimming the nails to the desired shape and length.

Nail Art Pen

This pen is essentially like a marker that can be used on top of nails to create intricate designs like stars, stripes, sparkles, and much more. They come in various colors and you fill them like a normal marker.

With these three tool combos, you can get started with creating some cool nail art designs and become the coolest girl in town.

DIY NailArts: Nail art tools