Doctor Who Nail Art!

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Ever stumbled upon something so incredible and so geeky that you can’t help but feel arrested in awe? Something so imaginative and ingenious that it leaves you breathless? Then the Doctor Who nail art is perfect for you.

The Classic Pattern

Nail Art of Classic Doctor Who Logo

This classic look consists of the Doctor Who Logo imprinted on a silver foil backdrop. The exact pattern and size of the logo may vary from artist to artist, however, there is no doubt that this type of nail art is one of the most iconic designs.

The Colorful View

Nail Art with Doctor Who Symbols in Bright Colors

For a more vibrant look, you can combine several Doctor Who symbols. Things such as the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver, and even a stylized version of the “Not here” symbol can be used to perfectly blend a rainbow of colors across each nail.

The Doctor Who Character Nail Art

Detailed Nail Art with Characters from Doctor Who

If you’re an artist who loves to go the extra mile, then chances are you’ll love this type of nail art. Using detailed brushwork and a keen eye for detail, you can create miniature versions of all your favorite Doctor Who characters. From the Doctor himself to daleks, you can make your nail art as personalized as you wish.

Glittery Finishes

Glitter Doctor Who Nails with Simple Designs

For a more subtle and understated look, you can use glitter and sparkles to achieve a sheer covering of your nails. It is also possible to add additional effects such as rhinestones and shapes to further accentuate your style. We recommend this style for beginners because it is relatively easy to achieve and looks stunning.

No matter your preference or level of experience, there is a Doctor Who nail art look for everyone. Experiment and have fun, for the possibilities are truly endless!

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