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This unique nail art design is pawsitively perfect for anyone looking to express their canine love through their manicure! Capturing the perfect resemblance of the furry face of a wagging tail pup, this one-of-a-kind design is the perfect way to show off your pup pride. The colors of the lacquer create an illusion of texture, like a muzzle of a sweet pup. The dark-teal, almost bluish colors make up the fur, while the white polish creates a popping inner-eye effect as well as the accents of the nose. The contrast between the colors is simply stunning and captures the look of a pup that’s just happy to be alive!

Two-Tone Comfort

Two-Tone Nail Art

The use of two tones is a clever way to give off an airy look and also an innovative way to combine a unique kind of nail art with a classic look. This design takes advantage of both these styles, giving off a great look when it’s the final product. The solid teal serves as a perfect backdrop for the white lines, giving it a device-free look. The lines are glossy and are definitely one of the most important touches when it comes to the pleasing look of the design.

Eternal Dachshund

Eternal Dachshund Design

The design captures the essence of a classic dachshund. The two-tones used help to create a unique look, as well as a feel of comfort and relaxation. The slanted strokes in this design gives it an elegant feel, that when combined with the heart-warming expression of a pup it will definitely leave an everlasting impression on anyone who looks upon it. Thankfully, this design has caught on, and any pup-lover can now enjoy the wonderful and fashionable expression of their beloved pet.

Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs Design

This crazy design is perfect for expressing your love for pups in a fun and stylish way. The details present in this manicure showcase the level of craftsmanship involved and the amount of time and effort put into achieving this stunning finished look. Whoever receives this unique design is sure to recognize the style and be captivated by its charm and loving detail. For those of you who consider yourself doggy fans this style is a true must!

Expressing your love for doggies doesn’t get much better than this. Putting this manicure together may look daunting and possibly difficult, but with the right products and some patient practice you could definitely be rocking this awesome design soon. Thanks to the talented artist behind this mani, many pup lovers just like you are now able to show off their love for these furry friends very stylishly!

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