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The Ducktail hair cut is a great way to have a handsome and dapper look while still making a statement. The Ducktail is a classic style that has been around since the 1950s and is an all-time favorite for those who want to stand out in a crowd. The cut consists of short sides and long top with a long, pointed section that juts out at the back. The classic Ducktail style is usually paired with a slicked back look and can be worn with a variety of different hairstyles. This style is perfect for the office, evening event, or even a casual summer day. Here are 45+ Ducktail Haircut options for men to choose from in 2019 will help you look and feel your best.

1. Textured Ducktail

Man with a textured dyed ducktail haircut

A textured version of the classic Ducktail offers a modern twist to the traditional look. Balayage coloring and face-framing layers add texture and contrast to the otherwise neat and conservative style. To achieve the perfect balance of texture and classic style, layer the top with a volumizing mousse and then brush the hair backwards to tuck the sides in.

2. High-Contrast Ducktail

Man with a high-contrast ducktail haircut

For a classic, high contrast style, ask your stylist to cut your top and sides very short, creating a subtle taper in the back. Go for a side-part to emphasize the contrast between the top and the sides. To style the top of your Ducktail, use a strong hold pomade and brush the hair backward in an upwards motion, instead of brushing it straight back as you would with a slicked-back look.

3. Undercut Ducktail

Man with a undercut ducktail haircut

The undercut is one of the hottest styles of last year and it continues to be popular in 2019. This type of Ducktail features a longer top cut with a shaved sides. To style the Ducktail, use a medium hold pomade to style the bangs toward the back of your head. Make sure to slick down the sides and rub some pomade around the top to add texture.

4. Spiked Ducktail

Man with a spiked ducktail haircut

The spiked ducktail is the perfect way to show off your edgier side. Start with a classic Ducktail cut and style it with a strong hold pomade to spike up the top and sides. Use your fingers to create the spikes for a more natural look. To finish the look, use a matte-finish styling product to give it a more textured feel.

5. Messy Ducktail

Man with a messy ducktail haircut

The messy Ducktail is a modern and fun update to the classic style. Start with a basic Ducktail hairstyle and style it with a medium hold pomade and your hands. This style works best on naturally wavy or curly hair, but it can also be achieved with shorter hair by using lots of product to give the hair a lifted, messy look.

6. Stylized Ducktail

45+ Ducktail Haircut 2019