Easy Belle Hairstyle

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There is something about braids that puts the perfect finishing touch to any hairstyle. Whether it’s tight cornrows, voluminous box braids, or something else, braids have been a timeless hairstyle throughout the centuries. And one of my all-time favorite braided hairstyles is the far off!

Create Voluminous Far Off Braids

black woman with far off braids styled in voluminous waves

The far off hairstyle is a full head of loose braid waves. To create this look, begin with clean, conditioned hair. Part the hair in sections, depending on the desired thickness of the braid. For a more voluminous look, use thicker sections.I like to start with a center part, then divide the hair and braid from ear to ear.

Style and Accessorize Your Far Off Braids

black woman with far off patters accessorized with gold rings

Once you’ve finished your braid pattern, you can add hair accessories to accessorize. You can also create a bit of texture by tugging on the braid with your fingertips. To add a bit of hold, spray your hair with touchable hairspray, mousse, or gel. Finish off the look with some fun jewelry if desired. Gold rings, clips, and slides can all add a personal touch.

Maintaining Far Off Braids

The great thing about far off braids is that they are low maintenance. To keep your scalp healthy and itch-free, oil regularly and seal with a moisturizer. Cover your braids with a protective cap while sleeping or swimming to ensure the longevity of your style.

Far off braids are a beautiful style that you can rock with any occasion. Whether you’re headed to work or a night out, this flexible and stylish hairstyle is perfect for any look.

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