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Having fine hair might be difficult to manage and style, however it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of easy to care short hairstyles that can be incorporated into your hairstyle routine. Let us show you some great styles that you can try to get an edgy yet classy look.

Consider Choppy Layers

Picture of a woman with choppy layers and fine hair

Choppy layers are gently textured and give the ultimate frame for your features. This style also adds lots of volume and texture without compromising the fine hair. Best of all, to maintain this hairstyle, all you need to do is use a little bit of styling mousse, and you are good to go.

Side Swept Bangs

Picture of a woman with side swept bangs and fine hair

Nothing is more timeless than a side swept bang. This hairstyle will allow you to have a fashionable and edgy look without losing the volume or texture of your fine hair. In addition, there are plenty of ways to style the side swept bang from wavy to straight; allowing you to find your own look with some experimentation.

Flirty Bob

Picture of a woman with a flirty bob and fine hair

A bob has so much versatility. With just the right cut, you can create the perfect flirty, yet classy look. The key is to keep the style short enough to help tame the fine locks, yet long enough to give your style some flare. The bob will also work to enhance your facial features, making you look and feel your best.

Short Pixie Cut

Picture of a woman with a short pixie cut and fine hair

Don’t be afraid to go for a pixie cut. It can be a bit scary, however it can be an incredibly stylish and classy look. A pixie cut will give you the texture to enhance your features, and also be easy to manage in your everyday styling routine. With your new look, you will find yourself feeling as confident as ever.

These easy to care short hairstyle options are perfect for those with fine hair. With the right cut, you will be able to show off your natural beauty while also having a classic yet trendy hairstyle. Remember to always consult a hairstylist to ensure that your cut will bring out the best of your natural beauty.

20 Collection of Easy Care Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair