Easy Hairstyle For Round Face

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Having a round face shape means that you have full cheeks, a curved jawline and a round hairline. Women with round face shapes can be beautiful and pull off any hairstyle they like. There is no denying that certain haircuts and hairstyles look better for round faces than other, but with the variety of looks out there, it’s easy to find a style that works with your face shape.

The Long and Straight Look

Long and straight hairstyles look amazing with a round face shape. This look’s lengthy layers help to create an elongating effect and provide some subtle movement. Since the long and straight look doesn’t add too much fullness around the cheeks area, it’s an ideal choice for women with round faces.

Women hairstyles for round faces

Short and Wispy

Short hairstyles can work wonders for women with round faces. A cut with long layers and wispy bangs helps to give the illusion of length. Also, the wispy bangs help to soften the look of a round face. Additionally, this type of cut generally looks great on jaw lines that are square or slightly pointed.

Voluminous Curls

Curls naturally create an amazing look for round faces. Big, voluminous and loose curls help to create fullness around the face. To make sure that the curls are symmetrical and look natural, extra layering around the face should be added. Additionally, use a diffuser when styling to make sure that you get the most volume possible.

A Sleek and Sophisticated ‘Do

The classic French twist is a style that works wonders for women with round faces. A French twist is a chic and sophisticated hairstyle that helps to create an angular effect and add length to the face. To add even more drama to the look, spray the crown area with medium-hold hairspray and brush the sides of the face back.

The Short Bob

Bob cuts are also a great choice for women with round faces. This classic hairstyle looks simply amazing when its cut correctly. The ideal bob should hit past the chin and its long layers should begin at the jawline. This look frames the face perfectly and creates a balanced look that is sure to make heads turn.

Round faces are beautiful, and with a great cut and color it’s easy to create a look that is flattering, fashionable and sure to turn heads. To make sure that you have the best look possible, go to a stylist who knows what they are doing and work with them to find a style statement that fits your personality, lifestyle and complement your natural features.

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