Easy Hairstyle Tutorial

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When you’re in a rush, or just don’t want to use heat styling tools, a DIY hairdo can be the perfect fix. Creating a hairstyle at home can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. There’s something for both short and long hair, and even the most artfully designed hairdos can be made quickly and easily.

Messy Top Knot Ponytail

Woman with a top knot ponytail

This is a classic look and very easy to do. Start with your hair dry and brush it so it’s smooth and free of tangles. Tie it into a ponytail at the top of your head. Then, start twisting your ponytail around the base, kind of like making a bun. Secure it with pins and you’re good to go! This is a great look for when you’re running late or don’t have time to glam up.

Braided Messy Crown

Woman with a braided messy crown

This look is very boho and can take your hair from day to night with a few extra braids. First, brush your hair and part it to either side. Keep one side clean, and on the other, start a loose braid. Secure it with a clear elastic band. Then start your messy crown by weaving the braid around and around, overlapping the braid and the other side of your part. Then pin the braids in place with bobby pins, and you’ve got a gorgeous crown!

Messy Side Bun

Woman with a messy side bun

This look is super easy to achieve and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Brush your hair and make a deep side part. Gather your hair into a side ponytail and twist it around. Secure the messiness with bobby pins and you’re good to go! This look is perfect for the office, the bar, or anywhere else that requires some extra class.

Twisted Half-Updo

Woman with a twisted half-updo

This look is also very easy to do and looks amazing. Brush your hair and make sure it’s free of tangles. Then take a section of hair from both sides of your head and twist each piece back towards the center, overlapping them. Secure the hairstyle with bobby pins and a few spritzes of hairspray and you’re set. The twisted hairdo is a great look for special occasions or for everyday.

Twisted Ponytail

Woman with a twisted ponytail

This look is very simple yet chic. Start off with brushing your hair and tying into a ponytail wherever you’d like. Take sections of the ponytail and start twisting each one, securing with bobby pins. This is a great look for an everyday hairdo, without spending too much time styling your hair. It pairs perfectly with a matching blouse and some statement earrings.

Low Sock Bun

Woman with a low sock bun

This look is for all of the long haired ladies out there. If you have a sock or a donut bun maker (which you can buy at most drugstores), it makes this look easier. Start with a sock or a donut bun maker and put your hair in a very low ponytail. Then, coil your hair around the bun maker and secure with bobby pins. This look is perfect for special occasions or just for
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