Easy Heart Hairstyle

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Valentine’s Day is an occasion that draws people closer together and allows us to express our love and appreciation for one another. For those of us who are looking to show our affection with more than just words, hairstyling is a great way to go. There are plenty of cute, fun and funky ‘dos we can easily whip up to show personal flair. These Valentine’s Day hairstyles are sure to turn heads and make the wearer feel extra special.

1. Simple Heart-Shaped Braid

girl with heart-shaped braid hairstyle

Whether you’re looking for a subtle holiday-inspired look or want the power of a big statement ‘do, this heart-shaped braid is for you. This playful style is decidedly effortless and achieves the perfect balance of cute and chic. It’s so easy to make as it simply requires splitting your hair into two sections and braiding it together. Wear it on one side or have it cascading down the back. It’s the perfect hairstyle look for a spontaneous night out with your SO or your best pals.

2. Valentine’s Day Side Bun

girl with Valentine's Day bun hairstyle

This romantic hairdo looks fancy but is actually quite simple to do. Start by styling your hair with a headband braid, then pull all of your hair over to one side and wrap it in a bun by holding it in place with a couple bobby pins. Top it off with a ribbon or other eye-catching accessories, like some heart-shaped clips or a bow, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re off to a fancy dinner or a fun party, this hairstyle is sure to up your Valentine’s Day game.

3. Decorative Heart Updo

girl with heart-shaped updo hairstyle

This elegant hairstyle gives you the look of a french twist but with a little extra flair. Part your hair in the middle, then gather each side at the back of your head, twisting it up and around each other to form the shape of a heart. Pin it in place with bobby pins and add some combs with strands of decorations such as pearls, small flowers or heart-shaped clips. Keep the heart figure more defined by tousling your hair with your fingers. This hairstyles makes for an impressive combination of practical and beautiful, making it ideal for all occasions.

Whether you’re feeling flirty and fun or classic and chic, these Valentine’s Day hairstyles have you covered. Show your loved ones you care with an extra special look that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, they’re quick and easy to do, making them perfect for busy bees.

3 Easy Valentine’s Day Hairstyles 💕 Heart Hair Tutorial - Alex Gaboury