Diagonal Simple Nail Arts Tutorial

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Gorgeous nails are a great way to show off your personality and accessories without relying on clothes. When you go to a salon, you may be overwhelmed by all the designs available to you. If you want to save money and still have great nails, you may want to consider looking into simple, expert-level nail art. One great option is the diagonal simple nail art.

Steps to Create Diagonal Simple Nail Art

The first step to creating the diagonal simple nail art is to decide which colors you want to use. Choose two that complement each other, or two that contrast each other and will make your nail art stand out. Once you have two colors, create a downward facing triangle on one side of the nail with a striper brush and the first chosen color. Then, apply the second color to opposite sides of the triangle, moving downwards.

diagonal simple nail art design

Dip in Glitter

Once the colors form an X, dip a dotting tool in glitter and leave a small point in the middle of the design. Use as little glitter as possible, so you don’t smudge the colors when you are trying to complete the design. If there is too much glitter, gently use a makeup brush and take off any extra glitter until the colors are exposed prominently.

Add Gloss

The final step to perfect this design is to add a layer of gloss or topcoat. Doing this will allow the colors to shine, and give these nails a polished, sophisticated look. Once you’ve added the topcoat, your diagonal simple nail art is complete, and you will be ready to show off your nail art in any setting!

Adding a little bit of detail to your nails is an easy and effective way to jazz up your wardrobe without relying on clothes. The diagonal simple nail art is a great design choice for those looking to make their nails stand out without spending too much time or money. With a few simple steps, you can be in possession to a nail design that stands out for all the right reasons.

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