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Vintage hairstyles hold a special place in our hearts. Whether on the red carpet or just out and about, vintage looks are always trending. We often imagine 1950s film stars, like Audrey Hepburn, with their perfect coiffed locks, or Brigitte Bardot’s long, voluminous hair. Let’s dive into the world of vintage hairstyling and explore the best of the 1950s looks.

Bow Ponytail

A woman with beautiful brown hair wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a hair bow

The bow ponytail is a timeless classic. This look is a very feminine hairstyle that is as appropriate for a formal event like a wedding or gala as it is for a casual brunch. The key is to make sure the ends of the hair have plenty of volume and the bow is perfectly placed. To add even more retro vibes, use a polka-dot bow or ribbons of different colors.

Pin Curls

A woman with beautiful blonde hair, wearing a white blouse curled hair pinned on one side

Nothing screams vintage like pin curls. This look is perfect for women with short or medium hair length. To recreate it you need to divide your locks into sections, then tightly pin each one with a bobby pin in the desired shape and leave it overnight. Once your hair is unpinned, your curls should be set. To add a hint of glamour to your look, don’t be afraid to use some hair spray or mousse.


A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink dress and big and voluminous hair

Backcombing is a technique that can add a lot of volume and shape to your hairstyle. To make this retro look stand out, use a teasing comb to raise the base of your hair and to create movement. Make sure you don’t backcomb the ends of your hair and leave a few loose strands around the face. Spray with light hair spray and you are ready to rock the look.

Half-Up Half-Down

A woman with dark hair wearing a red dress with her hair half up, half down

This hairstyle takes us back to the pin-up models of the 50s. The perfect half up, half down look makes your hair look fuller and at the same time keeps it out of your face. To get the full effect, use pins to secure the front section of the hair and add a few curls at the ends. You can also add accessories like a colorful scarf or classic headband to complete the retro look.

Bubble Ponytail

A woman with black hair wearing a blue shirt and a bubble ponytail

Another popular vintage style is the bubble ponytail. It is suitable both for everyday use and more formal occasions like parties after-work drinks. To make the look, simply tie a few elastics one after another, leave some loose locks in the front and make two buns. To make the look extra special, use ribbons in seasonal colors.

Victory Roll

A woman with dark hair wearing a floral dress and a victory roll hairstyle

This vintage hairstyle is a classic and unique way
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