Easy Twist Hairstyle

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Having natural hair can be 50/50. It’s so versatile it can be both repelling and refreshing. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you, and finding your own signature style. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, stylish options to choose from- and the proof is in these simple twists styles!

Twist it Out

woman wearing twist hairstyle

The “twist it out” style is an up-do- do-it-all favorite of curly-haired girls everywhere. It’s both trendy and convenient— perfect for a night out, or event. It’s a smaller, more streamlined version of the defined twist out, giving you the same glamorous finish without all the time and effort.

Mini Coils

woman wearing mini coils hairstyle

For short natural haired ladies, let’s not forget about the little things. The “mini coils” style includes cute, little coil buns that give your natural hair that chic, extra polished look. Not to mention, it’s actually quite easy to achieve with little effort and time!


woman wearing top-knot hairstyle

We all know the top-knot is a classic and versatile style that can suit anyone, regardless of texture. Top-knots are perfect when you’re looking for a style that’s polished, neat, and easy to maintain. Plus, if you’re rocking a particular color, top-knots add an extra pop of color, making them the perfect go-to style for a night out!

Faux Hawk

woman wearing faux hawk hairstyle

Faux hawks are so popular because they’re just that great. Not to mention, they’re easy to achieve. A great style for the bold, independent women out there, the faux hawk allows you to show off your own personality. Get your natural hair all up, spritz it with some hairspray to hold it in place, and ready to go!

Finger Curls

woman wearing finger curls hairstyle

You can be sure to turn heads in this classic “finger curls” style. This look is simple, but still has you looking fresh and fashionable. It’s easy to achieve with a few easy steps. Grab small sections of hair, twist it around your fingers, and hold it in place with a few bobby pins. Let it air dry, and you’re ready to show off your unique style!

You don’t have to be a professional hairdresser or stylist to achieve that perfectly polished look. These simple twist styles will have you looking your best without the extra cost or effort. Try out a few of these styles today and find out which works best for you!

Simple Twist Styles For Natural Hair