Eazy E Hairstyle

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It seems like Eazy E has hit a gold mine when it comes to his hair – it’s super long, luscious and full of life! We can all agree, his hair game is on point, so why not take some inspiration from this legendary rapper to add some bold flair to our own hair?

1. Middle Parted Curls

Eazy E never shies away from a big statement and what better way to make a statement than with big, bold and beautiful curls? This style includes a middle part with tightly locked curls which adds an extra touch of glamour and edge!

Middle Parted Curls

2. Faux Mohawk

For those days where you just feel like turn things up a notch, this fun and daring style is perfect for you! An inverted faux mohawk is sure to turn heads and is super easy to do. Simply slick your hair back and add a bit of styling product to add to the overall look.

Faux Mohawk

3. Box-Braids

Eazy E’s signature style includes box-braids and why wouldn’t it? The look is so stylish and versatile, you can rock it with any outfit, anywhere, anytime. Plus, it’s a great protective style and it also looks fabulous on any hair length or texture.


4. Pony-Tail

If you’re heading out for a fun day and looking to switch up your look to something more refreshing and upbeat, try a high ponytail! Eazy E looks stunning with his natural long hair done up in this high ponytail look. You can also switch things up by using a headband or different accessories.


5. Half-Up Half-Down

This classic hairstyle is not only the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, but it’s also the perfect style for a day-to-night look. Eazy E looks amazing sporting a half-up half-down look with natural curls and subtle pieces framing his face. This is the perfect style for those looking for something a little bit more low maintenance.

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