Edgy Medium Hairstyles

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Medium length hair offers the best of both worlds, it’s edgy and versatile enough to create stunning looks suitable for all occasions. From elegant braids to messy buns, you can easily switch up your style and make it look effortlessly cool. Whether you wear your hair curly, wavy, or straight, here are some edgy hairstyles to wear to your next event.

Fishtail Braids

Woman smiling with a fishtail braid in her medium length hair

Fishtail braids are great for making a statement, and they look especially edgy in medium-length hair. You can wear them to the side, up in a bun, or simply straight down the back of your hair. It’s easy to master the technique, and you can add some small sections of regular-size braids extenuating the look.

Messy Bun

Woman smiling with messy bun in her medium length hair

A messy bun is the perfect option for any medium-length hairstyle. It’s chic and boasts an effortless, edgy vibe that looks perfect for any occasion. You can create variations of the messy bun, including a low chignon or messy French twist, in just a few simple steps.

Beach Waves

Woman smiling with beach waves in her medium length hair

Beach waves are a classic yet edgy style for medium-length hair. Use a curling iron to create nice, bouncy ringlets at the top and curl the tips under for an edgy, undone look. You can even add texture to your hair with salt spray and add more texture. This look gives you an effortless, cool style.

Slick Back

Woman smiling with her hair slicked back in her medium length hair

If you’re looking for a style that is sophisticated yet edgy, try the slick back look. It’s perfect for any length, including medium-length hair. You can put your hair up in a ponytail, braid it, or just simply pull it back and secure it with a hair tie. It’s a statement look that’s perfect for any event.

Loose Ponytail

Woman smiling with a loose ponytail in her medium length hair

The almighty ponytail can take on any style. The loose ponytail, in particular, adds an edgier look to medium lengths. It’s easy to create, simply pull the hair up in a high or low bun and make sure it’s secured with a hair tie. Pull out a few pieces in front to frame the face.

Medium-length hair is the perfect canvas to create these edgy hairstyles and create a look that’s chic and womanly. Whether you go for a sleek updo or some loose beach waves, you can easily switch up your style and take your look to the next level.

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