Emo Long Hairstyle

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Emo hairstyles, though quite unique and interesting, do require the proper guidelines for properly achieving the desired look. Long hair is perhaps the best of all worlds for emo hairstyles. The long hair can be worked into a variety of styles including spiky, layered, or teased hair. Here are some ideas to use as inspiration.

1. Textured and Voluminous

Emo Long Hair

This style is arguably the signature long emo hairstyle. It involves long, textured layers with some extra volume. The sides of the hair should be relatively tame while in the middle a rat tail comb is used to tease sections of the hair and to achieve a disheveled look. This is a popular style for teenage boys as well as for adult men and women.

2. Dye Job

Emo Long Hair

This style requires that the hair be dyed an unnatural color such as blue, pink or purple. This hairstyle looks best when the color of the hair is prominently visible throughout the hair. To make the hair last longer it is recommended that a good quality dye job be used. This style can also involve various types of highlights or low-lights.

3. Classic Mullet

Emo Long Hair

A modified version of the classic mullet is also an interesting option for long emo hairstyles. Instead of being choppy and layered, the mullet should be worked into chunks and resemble an alternative spiky cut. The rat tail comb can also be used when having a classic mullet, to help create the desired shape.

4. Bangs and Curls

Emo Long Hair

This is an easy to achieve style for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. The bangs should be quite feathery and should be the focal point. The sides and back of the hair should be trimmed to the desired length and the top should be kept slightly longer than the other sections. It is recommended that the Layers are kept to a minimum so as not to weigh the hair down too much.

5. Wrapped Side Pony

Emo Long Hair

This is a great option for those with relatively long emo hair. This style involves pulling the hair back into a side ponytail and then wrapping a small piece of hair around the hair band. This style can be done either with or without bangs, depending on personal preference. The ends of the hair should be curled and teased to add shape and texture to the hair.

From voluminous curls to dye jobs, there are a variety of ways one can style their hair when it comes to emo hairstyles for long hair. All that is required is some creativity and patience when it comes to managing and securing certain styles. Try experimenting with different colors and techniques to achieve the desired look for unique and striking styles.

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