Engagement Hairstyle For Long Hair

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Each girl hopes that their wedding season can make them look more beautiful! Especially, if you are an Indian bride, you know that the engagement ceremony is especially important. However, the problem is that finding the right hairstyle can be difficult. Sure, you can go for any classic style you want, but what about finding the right one for your engagement ceremony that shows off your culture and completes the look.

Make Way to the Open Hair Look

Nothing can feel more liberating than going in for an open hairstyle. You feel glamorous and trendsetter at the same time. A straightened or a lightly curled mane can go a long way in helping you achieve the look. Pull of the best parts from Indian traditional design, such as a puff, Mang tikka, Gajra, and incorporate them with your look.

Indian bride with engagement ceremony hairstyle

The Perfect Curls look

For all those with naturally curly hair, don’t worry, as there are abundance of options available. Just find the styler who understands your hair type, and can carry out with styling it in the way you would like. You can choose between various styles, like pinned or loose curls. You can also leave it down or roll up a few fringes. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that it complements and complete your engagement look.

Vintage inspiration

The classic and timeless bride look is something that comes with side pinned vintage hairstyle. It instantly helps you achieve that understated graceful and yet glamorous look. All you need to perfect the style is one statement hair accessory and a few well defined curls along the sides. Also, if you want to add more excitement, opt for a statement Mang tikka to dress up the look.

Glam Up with Braid

Braids have been in vogue from all of eternity and have that unique way of instantly dressing up a look. Boho, french, waterfall and many more styles which are apt for an engagement ceremony. If you want to add more oomph to the look, add a gorgeous headpiece or a multi-strand necklace or a combination of both. Braids are sure to make a big statement and at the same time, they are actually designed to stay in place longer than any other style.

Wet Hair

In Indian weddings, the best of styles have been those which have a certain grace and poise about them. A wet hair look is perfect for just that. All you have to do is set your hair and use some hair gel to bring out its luster. You can also incorporate a braid or a bun with it. Leave a few bangs pulled out to soften the hairline and this look is perfect to carry you through the day.

New Traditional Roll-up

If you are looking for something traditional yet with a modern twist, go in for this new roll up look. No need to worry if your hair is long enough to roll up, as all you need are bobby pins and a ton of hairspray. Take the front section of your hair, twist and roll it up at the back, leaving a few tendrils around your face. If you can, add a statement Mang tikka and you are all set to go.

Just keep in mind that the hairstyle must be able to last you through the day and through all the functions. And if you have a team of skilled hairstylist and makeup artist available, do not forget to give their inputs into finding the look that works for you. Experiment with some fun, unique and inspiring hairstyles and make sure to find that look which will have you turning heads at the engagement ceremony.

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