Ethiopian Braids Hairstyle

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As someone who has always been fascinated with and drawn to different cultures, I find traditional hairstyles especially interesting. You can tell so much about a culture and its history through the art of braiding or bonding hair. African braiding, in particular, is a beautiful form of art that I observe, admire, and often try to recreate on my own head!


A portrait of a woman, with her hair braided in a two-strand twist, each twisted strand is bound together with gold, silver and black bands.

This hairstyle is called the “Queen” and it is a traditional Ethiopian hairstyle. This look features two-strand twists which are each bound together with beautiful gold, silver and black bands. This is a hairstyle that has been around for centuries, and is meant to be a symbol of status and beauty. It’s the perfect balance of tradition and style, and I can certainly understand why it’s been around for so long!

African braiding is an art form that I love. It’s beautiful and timeless, and it’s always interesting to see how different cultures have incorporated their own unique twists and additions to this classic style. This is just one example of the many gorgeous styles that can inspire us and help us to appreciate the art of traditional African hairstyling.

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