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Fall is almost here and it’s time to get creative with your manicure! Whether you want subtle metallic accents or bold, dramatic nail art, these fifteen ideas will have you swooning.

Muted Rainbow

Fall nail art of black marble with subtle rainbows

This muted rainbow manicure is a subtle way to incorporate bright colors into your look. The black marble pattern serves as a neutral backdrop and allows the pops of color to really stand out. Plus, you don’t need to own a hundred bottles of polish to recreate this look; all you need is a technique known as marbling.

Gold Foil

Fall nail art of gold foil and leaves

This casual yet chic manicure is perfect for those days when you want to keep things low-key. It combines the warm color of gold foil with the crispness of fall leaves, giving you a unique manicure that won’t soon be forgotten. Plus, you don’t even need professional supplies in order to recreate this look. A few simple tools and some gold adhesive are all you need.

Glitter Stripes

Fall nail art of glitter triangles and stripes on black nail polish

For the glitter-loving gal, this manicure is sure to be a hit. With a subtle black base and gold stripes, it’s the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. The glittery triangles give the design a festive touch, and you can even mix in other colors if you’re feeling bold. Just grab your favorite sparkly shades, a striping brush and some patience, and you’ll be flaunting your new mani in no time.

Ombre Leaves

Fall nail art of ombre leaves over a pink background

For a truly unique look, why not try out this ombre manicure? The bright pink background provides a fun backdrop, while the ombre leaves give the design a dreamy quality. This design works well on any length of nails and looks especially stunning on almond-shaped nails. Plus, you don’t need any costly tools to recreate this look – all you need is a couple of nail polish colors and some creative vision.

Sparkly French Tips

Fall nail art of sparkly french tip with gold

For a modern take on a classic, why not try these sparkly French tips? The gold accent at the tip of the nail gives the design a festive touch, while the subtle sparkles keep it looking polished and chic. You don’t need a ton of supplies to recreate this look either; just grab some glitter, a few colors of nail polish and a plastic bag, and you’re all set to start creating.

Marble Accent

Fall nail art of marbled orange, yellow, and green over a nude background

This marbled accent manicure is sure to turn heads. The warm colors of orange, yellow and green stand out against the nude background, and the marbled look adds a fun, modern twist. Plus, it’s easy to recreate, even if you’re a beginner. All you need are a few colors of nail polish, a dotting tool and some patience.

Subtle Gradient