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Every artist knows that creating realistic hair is one of the most challenging aspects of illustrations. Whether you’re drawing a comic, dabbling in manga, or honing your animated character design, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of hair styling and form. The art of manga drawing requires some practice and confidence so let’s take a look at the basics to create awesome manga hair.

Research Before You Begin

Too often, beginners make the mistake of beginning their project without doing any research. But understanding the basics of good artwork is one of the most important steps of the drawing process. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to look at magazine images, online photos, and other artworks to get an idea of the varied hair styles available.

Try Different Textures

An experienced manga artist knows that hair has many different textures that vary depending on the style and type. From lyrically smooth to tightly curly, there’s always an opportunity to capture different hair textures. Types of hair such as ringlets, small curls, and tight spirals can also be used to give your character some unique and interesting styling.

Hair illustration for the manga draw

Create Depth And Detail

When drawing manga hair, it’s important to add some depth and detail to your art. Many newbie artists make the mistake of making the hair too flat, which may make the artwork look unfinished. Instead, use line thickness and shading to create a sense of dimension. You may also use some darker lines and soft blending to add depth of color.

Imbue Some Personality

One of the most important things to consider when drawing manga hair is that it should represent the character’s personality. And an artist must be creative and daring enough to think outside the box! Making sure the character’s overall look and attitude is echoed on the hair is key to creating a memorable look that reflects their attitude and values.

Don’t Forget The Finish

Before you can call your manga drawing complete, you will need to add a bit of a finishing touch. You may choose to add some shine, sparkles, or even a highlight. You will also need to consider details such as the volume, volume angle, position, and direction of your character’s hair before you finish the artwork.

Drawing good manga hair is an art form that takes practice and skill, but contains a lot of potential for creativity. Taking the time to do your research and trying different textures, detailing, and adding a final touch are all important steps for creating awesome manga hair!

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