Female Pirate Hairstyle

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If you love pirate themes and want to know more about girl pirate hairstyles, you’re in the right place! Pirate themed hairstyles are certain to stand out due to the uniqueness of their appearance, and they look amazing when worn with a pirate-inspired costume. But what kind of hairstyles should you use? This quiz will help you find out.

Try a Pigtail and Bandana with Braids

Girl in a pirate outfit wearing a bandana and pigtails which have been braidedA great way to create a unique pirate look is to combine two classic hairstyles. Pull two sections of your hair into two pigtails, then braid them. Secure each braid with an elastic at the end and then top your look off with a bandana. This hairstyle is perfect for creating a classic pirate look that is still feminine.

Create a Faux Hawk

A faux hawk often looks like it’s been styled by a pirate! To create this look, create a deep side part and comb your hair over to one side. Use a product like gel or mousse to hold the hair in place and create an edgy look. You could also add a headband to accessorize.

Twist and Braiding

Girl in a pirate outfit with her hair twisted and braidedBraiding and twisting can bring out the adventurousness of a pirate hairstyle. Try braiding hair to the side and then twisting it over to the other side. You can also make a loose braid from the front of your head, wrap it around the back and tie it off. Secure any loose pieces with bobby pins. These little details can add something extra to your pirate hairstyle.

Add Dimension with Accessories

Hair accessories can bring extra pizzazz to your look. You can use accessories like combs, headbands, scarves, and feathers to create a look that is truly unique. For example, try using a comb to make a cross-over effect, or using a headband to hold part of the hair back. These small touches will help to transform your hairstyle and make it stand out.

Slicked Back Look

Girl in a pirate outfit with her hair slicked backCreate a slicked back look to show off your adventurous side. This look may require a little more effort to create! Start by using a gel or mousse to section the hair. Don’t create any parts, but instead push all the hair back, using your hands to flatten out any bumps. This hairstyle can be a great way to show off your face when dressed as a pirate.

No matter what kind of pirate look you are going for, there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from. From braiding and twisting to creating a slicked back look, you can create a unique and stylish hairstyle to match your pirate-inspired look. You may even mix and match different hairstyles to create your very own style!

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