Female Pompadour Hairstyle

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Pompadours are one of the trendiest hairstyles! Generally identified as the classic mohawk with a slight modification, it’s the perfect mix of modern, edgy style and refined sophistication. In the style world, it’s become something of a celebrity favorite, with elegance and personality. It’s an amazing style for any woman looking to inject a little pizzazz into her wardrobe. And this female pompadour is one of the hottest hairstyles out there!

The Perfect Blend of Punk and Sophistication

This hairstyle is the combination of both delicate femininity and cool punk. Its slicked back top and sides features plenty of texture and the top curls offer a soft, sultry look. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, day or night—whether you’re going out on a date or simply running errands. It’s easy to combine with any outfit—dress it up or down, whichever suits your personality!

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Easy To Manage and Low Maintenance

This female pompadour is actually pretty simple to create, maintain and style. You don’t need to invest in a super expensive hair product, especially if your hair is short. Simply use a good quality hairspray and some styling foam. And the curl in the pompadour lasts for quite a while, so you don’t need to worry about needing a touch up. To add a bit of texture, use your curling iron to get more intense ringlets.

Getting the Look

To get this look, start with slightly damp hair. Then, use a blow dryer to dry the front first, brush the hair back and create a slight slant from front to back. Use styling foam and hairspray to shape the hair and create volume and texture. When finished, use your blow dryer and brush to tousle the hair. Finally, use the iron, foam and hairspray to build volume and texture in the front.

This feminine pompadour is an amazing hairstyle and an easy way to update your look. It’s versatile enough to use on any hair type and length. Show off your style with confidence and sophistication!

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