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The modern world has made it easy to keep up with the latest trends. From fashion to hairstyles, there are more choices than ever before. And if you are among those who never want to be out of style, then you will be happy to know that short hairstyles are having a major moment right now. And, we are here to show you the 45 best short haircuts for women in 2019.

1. Long Bob

Long Bob Hairstyle

The long bob has been a popular look for the past few years and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This look elongates the face and is flattering on all face shapes. You can easily style this with a few curls on the ends, or wear it poker straight for a sleek and chic look.

2. Textured Bob

Textured Bob Hairstyle

This messy and tousled version of the bob is both edgy and low maintenance. The texture of this style will give your hair more volume and definition. With this style, you can still get length, but you won’t have to worry about your hair getting in the way.

3. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

The classic pixie cut is a timeless style that can make a bold statement. This style can be dressed up or down and is a great option if you like to switch up your look often. The key to getting the perfect pixie cut is finding the right cut and length for your face shape.

4. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

This modern take on a classic bob is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a bold and sophisticated look. The blunt edges give this style an edgy and chic vibe and it is easy to style with the right products. This look can also be adapted for different face shapes and hair types.

5. Tapered Bob

Tapered Bob Hairstyle

For a more relaxed version of the bob, the tapered bob is a great option. This look has a lot of movement and texture and can be styled with a few curls to add an extra touch of drama. The shorter layers in the back will provide more volume while the longer layers in the front give a youthful look.

6. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a style that is both stylish and effortless, the shaggy bob is the perfect cut for you. The layers in the cut give movement and texture to the look, while the bangs and the side-swept fringe give it an edgy and modern vibe. This look can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

7. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

The asymmetrical bob is a modern way to rock short hair. With one side layered and the other side all one length, this look is both chic and bold. It is surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending
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