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Short hair styles are more popular than ever and it’s not hard to see why. With summer ending and cool autumn breeze blowing crisp and chilly, a chic, low maintenance hairstyle is just what we need to keep things stylish yet comfortable. Curls, mushroom, pixie and lots of other classic short haircuts have all been modernised for 2018, to bring an edgy look to any face shape.

short brown curly hair with some of the hair cut into bangsShort Brown Curly Hair with Some of the Hair Cut Into Bangs

This look is a great choice for those looking to keep their hairstyle attention-grabbing. The loose curl pattern is complimented by the smooth bangs which create a flirty, modern style. A light brown color really makes this look pop and will help keep the focus on the unique length and style of the cut itself.

styles with pixie cut and dainty highlightsStyles with Pixie Cut and Dainty Highlights

The pixie cut with dainty highlights is a popular option for short hair styles. The small amount of textured layers added to this style make the dainty blonde highlights stand out even more! The small amount of length helps to keep the entire style looking neat and airy. This easy to wear style is perfect for women who love the chic, modern look.

style with a dishevelled pixie cutStyle with a Dishevelled Pixie Cut

This look gives a modern twist to the classic pixie cut. The soft, dishevelled texture helps to create a stylish, contemporary style that shows off your unique personality. The soft hues of ash blonde really compliment the updated cut and help create a cool, effortless look.

style with mushroom cut and graduated layersStyle with Mushroom Cut and Graduated Layers

This mushroom cut is given a little extra glam with a graduated set of layers. The shadowy layers surrounding the cut really accentuate the mushroom cut and brings it into a bold new phase. The faint blonde highlights of the cut add to the modern style and will ensure that heads turn wherever you go.

All of these styles are perfect for the quickly approaching autumn season and are sure to keep you looking your best all year round. Short haircuts have come a long way this year and have become a necessary step in completing modern day looks. Whether you’re partial to a curly style or can’t resist the playfulness of a pixie cut, these short haircuts are the perfect choice for any fashionista looking for an updated do.

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