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We all know it can be tricky when it comes to nail art designs, but nothing beats sporting a firework inspired design! Whether you’re looking for something to spruce up your nails before the Fourth of July or just want to show your appreciation for the beauty of fireworks, you can find inspiration through our amazing firework nail art designs. These looks are absolutely gorgeous, and they’ll guarantee you oodles of compliments, no matter where you wear them.

Sparkle and Shine


This nail design is great for those days when you feel like surrounding yourself with lots of sparkle. After all, what’s better than a glittery manicure? Each of the nails is designed with various sizes and colors of glitters. And of course, this look is finished off with a few silver and pink stars.

Color-Pop Fireworks


This eye-catching design features a rainbow of colors in unique shapes and sizes. The base is a glossy white that ensures the colors of the “explosions” pop against it. This is an ideal manicure idea if you want something brave and bold. It’s perfect for an upcoming summer holiday.

Flower Fireworks


This look has a distinct flowery vibe, perfect for nature lovers who also want something a little bit special. Instead of the usual explosion effect, it features petals made up of different sizes and shades of blue. It’s complex, pretty and incredibly eye-catching.

Abstract Lines


If you prefer something that’s less flashy than the other designs, this abstract lines firework manicure is perfect for you. There are bold brushstrokes of white, black and blue against a backdrop of silver. It’s modern and different yet still manages to capture the spirit of fireworks.

In the world of nail art, anything is possible! Be inspired by these awesome firework nail art designs and get creative! You don’t have to be an artist to come up with amazing nail art designs fit to turn any look up a notch, or three!

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