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No one can overlook the beauty of nail art, and when you add in the glamorous florals, you’ve got yourself a winner. Flower nail art is one of the most fashionable, popular, and fun ways to show off your style. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 85 stunning flower nail art designs that will make you go crazy!

Simple Florals

Pinky nail with flower art

Simple florals can look fragile and chic. The key is to copy the look from this gorgeous design. Pinky nail with blue, yellow and pink flower art, it’s both girly and stylish. Simple florals look best when they’re curated with a bit of an extra twist.

The Abstract Effect

Abstract multicolored flower art on dark background

This abstract design is sure to make your nails pop! Here, multicolored flower art is painted onto a black base, creating a stunning contrast. To recreate the same effect, originality and creativity are key — you truly never know what you can come up with.

Striking Stripes

Contrast between red and purple vertical stripes with a single white flower

Stripes, when complemented by beautiful florals, can create an incredibly striking design. This red and purple vertical stripe nail art is highlighted with a single white flower in the middle. It’s easy to play around with a range of colors to create your own vision — it will still be as appealing!

Playful Geometrics

Yellow geometric outlines with a single blue flower in the middle

Geometric outlines can give a nail look such fun dimension. Here, yellow triangular outlines start out from a single blue flower in the middle, creating an eye-catching look. Have a play around with different geometric shapes and florals to create a unique look of your own.

Abstract Geometrics

Abstract geometric shapes with pink flowers

This abstract twist on floral nail art shows off the creative genius of nail art. Featuring abstract white geometric shapes filled with pink flowers, this nail look is sure to mesmerize anyone who looks at it. Keep your abstract geometrics as subtle and chic as possible to maintain the timeless elegance of a classic nail look.

Shine Effect

Silver and grey flower pattern on white backdrop with gold highlights

Adding a little bit of shine to your nail art has never hurt! This silver and grey flower pattern on a white backdrop will give your nails a lovely hint of bling. Just don’t forget the gold highlights to really accentuate the beauty of your flowers.

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