21+ French Nail Art Designs, Ideas

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A French Manicure is a classic look when it comes to nails that never goes out of style. A modern take on an original French Manicure can add a touch of elegance to any look from flirty to professional. Adding a French twist to classic nail art adds variety and interest. With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Varied Designs

White French Manicure Nail Art Kit With And Photoshop Brushes

Varying the design of your French tips is the quickest way to give your look a fresh update. Consider a soft rainbow fade on the tips of soft pink nails, or bold jewel tones highlighting radiant white tips. Try an ombre look with a single gradient color along the tips, or stick to one classic nail art pattern to add texture and a pop of color.

Geometric Looks

Geometric French Manicure With Bright Colors

Geometric designs are a fun and modern twist on the classic French Manicure. Choose from minimalist lines of black, rose gold, or silver to an elaborate pattern of triangles, diamonds or hexagons. Make a simple design stand out with a shimmering metallic overlay, or keep it sweet and feminine with gentle pastel colors.

Statement Tips

Statement Tip French Manicure With Glittery Silver

Show off your unique style with statement tips on your French Manicure. Stand out with a splash of glitter on the tips or striking neons in a contrasting color. Highlight the tips of your nails with some intricate nail art or add some raised studs to make a daring artistic statement!

Subtle Details

French Manicure With Black Details

Create a subtle but eye-catching look by adding details to the tips of your nails. Subtle details can be minimal with a single line of a contrasting color, or you can opt for something with more drama like a graphic stripe or alternating shapes. Throwing in a few black details can really turn the look up a notch, or try gold details on top of a pink French Manicure to add a touch of glamour.

Modern Shapes

Swirl French Manicure With Pink and White Color

Ditch the classic tips and twist it up with bold and modern shapes. Curvy lines and geometric shapes can bring a whole new dimension to your French Manicure. Play with different shapes and sizes, from slim rectangles to multiple different points on each nail. A modern French Manicure adds personality and style to any look.

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