21+ French Nail Art Designs, Ideas

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Bring a slender, chic flair to your nails with French nail art. The classic French manicure has been around since the late 1930s, but today, there are tons of variations on the original basic design. From adding bold colors to intricate decorations, this refined nail art style can be made your own—and look flawless in the process.

Rose Gold with Tip-Accentuating Flowers

White base with rose gold tip, featuring two flowers accentuating the rose gold tip

This nail art technique proves that it’s all in the details! The glossy white base contrasts nicely against the subtle pinkish-gold of the tip, and the additional of the two delicate flowers emphasizes the look. The flowers are an elegant way to deliver a sophisticated nail art that is versatile enough to match any outfit.

Vibrant Half-Moon Tips

Vibrant half-moon tips, featuring a white base and pink and blue accents

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your French nail art, then this look might be for you! The half-moon tips feature vibrant shades of pink and blue for a look that is sure to turn heads. The look is finished off with white stripes to further enhance the pink and blue tones.

Metallic Nautical-Inspired Tips

Metallic nautical-inspired tips on a glossy pink base

Bring attention to your hands with this nautical-inspired French nail art. The gloss pink base works beautifully with the soft metallic shades of navy and beige. The stripes of white at the tips really stand out, as well as the tiny anchor appliques.

Gorgeous Glamour with Shining Glitter

Light pink base, extravagantly adorned with stunning glitter

Add some serious sparkle to your look with this glitzy nail art design. The light pink base is extravagant all on its own, but add in the decoration of glitter and things are taken to a whole new level of glamour. Each nail is shaded with light and dark pink, as well as hints of gold for a look that oozes luxury.

Spiraling White Tips and Dotted Accents

Iridescent light pink base with a white, spiral tip and dotted accents

Look lovely from the tips of your fingertips to your cuticles with this bright French manicure. The iridescent light pink base and classic white tip already look amazing, but the addition of the dots along the white tip and the swirling white line makes for a truly stunning look. The slight glitter of the dots keep things light and fun.

Abstract Shades and Decals

Abstract black and white shades blended on a classic French tip

This French manicure design offers an artistic twist on a classic. The black and white shades are blended in an abstract pattern with the white tips, while gold lettering and star stickers offer up a bit of personality. This classic nail art style can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Mini Dots and a Contrasting Base

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