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Even with all the winter craziness, nothing says summertime fun like fresh and creative nail art. We are using one of the newest designs to try out to beat away the winter blues, Fruit Nail Art! Get your fresh and creative look ready for summer brunching and drive-in movies!

Choose Your Fruits

Fruit Nail Art

The best thing about this look is that you can pick whatever fruits fit your look and style! Bright oranges, pineapple, and watermelon are perfect for a beachy look. Choose a darker look with grapes, figs, and blackberries. Whatever look you choose, this design will look amazing! The clean lines and patterns definitely make this nail art stand out. The colors and shapes make it a great conversation starter!

Style it Up

With this look, you can dress it up to whatever you need! Whether you have a pool party or a Zoom call, you can make this look bright and bold. Change up the design with a checkered nail or a bonus accent nail. Do you love sparkles? Add some glittery details to emphasize the cuteness of these fruits! Add some tiny gems to represent the seeds of the fruits or just as an extra fancy touch.

Cool it Down

If you want a more subtle version of this look, there are tons of options! Try a water colour ombre design or softer tones. You can also use fewer fruit pieces on each nail to keep the look more subtle. Keep the overall design look based the way you want it. Go more geometric or more abstract. The best thing is — whatever you choose will look great!

Endless Options

Fruit Nail Art is one of the most flexible designs out there! There are so many options that you can create more than one look and they will be equally beautiful. No matter if it’s a full set or just one or two accent nails. Even the colors and small details like adding some matte texture or shifting colors slightly can make a different look for one set of nails.

This look is great for any situation you put yourself in this summer. Play it up or keep it simple for any event and don’t forget to have fun!

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