Funky Curly Hairstyle

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Wondering what to do with your curls in time for prom night? We’ve got you covered with these truly awesome, funky prom hairstyles sure to turn plenty of heads. Whether you’ve got tight curls, wavy hair, or a mix of both, these styles can work for a variety of hair types and lengths.

Casual Summer Bun

Woman with long blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun

This casual look is perfect for outdoor events – the kind of affair where you need an effortless, yet chic, look. Curl the top half of your hair and then pull it into a loose, messy bun. Secure it with an elastic band, and you’re ready to go. If you want, you can always spruce it up with a decorative comb or headband.

Twisted Side Ponytail

Woman with long wavy brown hair with intricate twists in a side ponytail

Get creative with your side ponytail by adding some intricate twists throughout. To add these twists, separate the hair into random sections and then gently fold the sections in half, securing each one with a bobby pin. As for the ponytail itself, don’t forget to use hairspray for extra staying power.

Braided Chignon

Woman with long, curly blonde hair styled in a braided chignon

This classic twist is best suited for romantic and formal occasions, like prom night. The key to mastering this look is to create one long braid and wrap it around into a bun. Add a string of pearls to complete the look. As a bonus, you can braid the hair into an upside-down French braid for extra pizzazz.

Half-up Bun

Woman with long curly brown hair in a half-up bun

This is a look for the artsy types looking for a way to put their curls on full display. To get the look, separate the top half of your hair and pull it into a messy bun, securing with elastics and bobby pins, followed by a bit of hairspray. You can even add a headband or braid to accessorize the look and give it some edge.

Two-Bun Style

Woman with long curly black hair in two buns on either side of her head

Another creative style perfect for prom night is this two-bun look that’s sure to get you noticed. The goal is to divide the bottom half of the hair into two and secure the two sections into two buns at either side of the head. Use a comb to get some level of order and then secure with elastics, followed by a few bobby pins for extra hold.

Tousled Updo

Woman with long wavy brown hair in a tousled updo

This tousled updo is a great option for curly-haired girls. Use a hair curler or a steam
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