Funky Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

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Medium length hair can create a variety of different looks from classic, vintage styles to more modern and edgy. One of the most popular and stylish ways to wear medium length hair is a Funky Swan hairstyle, which can be easily achieved at home or the salon. Here are some ideas for a Funky Swan look that will show off your bold and unique personality.

Funky Swan Hairstyle

A woman with medium length hair styled in a Funky Swan look.

The Funky Swan hairstyle gives a modern and edgy twist to medium hair. It has an A-line on the sides with choppy layers on the top and back. The top layers start long and flow down to a shorter length, creating a cascade of texture and dimension. This look works best with natural wave and texture, as it creates perfect volume and movement. You can also use hair products like salt spray or texture paste to achieve a more defined texture.

Funky Side Braids

A woman with medium length hair styled in Funky Side Braids look.

Funky Side Braids also work great for medium length hair. This look consists of two braids on either side of the part, usually pulled to the back of the head. With this hairstyle, you can make the braids more intricate or keep them simple and stylish. This look is perfect for adding texture and definition to hair that falls at shoulder length. Additionally, this look is quite easy to create, and can be transitioned from day to night depending on the occasion.

Textured Vintage Updo

A woman with medium length hair styled in a Textured Vintage Updo look.

If you’re looking for a more glamorous and sophisticated style, then the Textured Vintage Updo is the way to go. This style looks best with smooth and textured hair, as it adds depth and volume. To create this updo, use a curling iron or wand to create tight curls and then tease your hair back into a voluminous spiral. You can also add decorative pins and accessories to complete the look.

Messy Topknot Bun

A woman with medium length hair styled in a Messy Topknot Bun look.

The Messy Topknot Bun is the perfect style for achieving effortless texture and volume. It’s a great way to add a modern and edgy look without having to work too hard. To create this messy look, curl the ends of your hair and then pin them up in a loose bun. Make sure to leave some wispy pieces out of the bun to create an effortless and casual look.

Soft Waves

A woman with medium length hair styled in Soft Waves look.

Soft Waves are a great way to add a subtle wave to your look, as well as a touch of glamour. This look is created by using heat from a curling iron or straightener and lightly brushing out the wave until it’s soft and natural-looking. To ensure that the waves last all day, use hair products like a sea salt spray for extra hold. This look is perfect for an evening out, when you want to add a bit of glamour to your medium hair.

Space Buns

A woman with medium length hair styled in Space Buns look.

20 Funky Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair