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Everyone loves Gabrielle Union! She’s a hilarious actress and activist for a range of causes, from workplace equality to mental health awareness. Recently, we wanted to learn more about Gabrielle and why she’s so popular, so we took a look at her Instagram page. What we found were some amazing photos featuring Gabrielle in a range of outfits and situations. Here are some of our favorites from following the gorgeous Gabrielle on Instagram.

Sipping on Coffee for a Cause

Gabrielle Union sipping on coffee while wearing a black blazer and leather pants

Gabrielle is no stranger to making a statement. In this photo, she takes a sip of coffee while wearing a stylish black blazer and leather pants. Her matching shades and the peace sign necklace she’s wearing complete the look. We love that Gabrielle chose to support the mental health initiative “Coffee and Conversations” with this simple, yet powerful picture!

Style on the Red Carpet

Gabrielle Union at a formal event wearing a dark teal, sequin dress with a white bolero and feathered earrings

Gabrielle definitely knows how to dress to impress! For the recent, star-studded, premiere of her new movie Breaking In, Gabrielle sported a stunning, dark teal sequin dress with a white bolero and feathered earrings. We love how she was able to add such an eye-catching, yet sophisticated look to the red carpet!

Dancing up a Storm

Gabrielle Union at a party and laughing while wearing a romper, white belt and brown, peep-toe booties

On the topic of style, Gabrielle proves that she can look good on the dance floor as well! In this photo, she’s seen having the time of her life at a party, wearing a simple black romper accessorized with a white belt and brown, peep toe booties. As she laughs and dances, we can’t help but smile along with her!

Getting Ready for Her Close Up

Gabrielle Union with her eyes closed, putting on a minimal amount of makeup

Gabrielle doesn’t need glitz and glam to impress us. Even with her eyes closed, she still looks gorgeous! In this photo, she’s getting ready for her close up with a minimal amount of makeup. We’d love to have half of her natural beauty!

We’ve been loving Gabrielle Union lately and these pictures are proof why. We can’t wait to check out her Instagram page for more inspiration. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth the follow!

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