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If you are into the whole galaxy nail art trend, there is no better time to strike than now. Introducing Galaxy Nails Tutorial – the only tutorial that you need to get that starry look right. You will be able to conjure up a vision of the night sky and rave about it for days to come. This tutorial will show you everything you need to get your design to come together in the shape of a glimmering star.

Mapping Out the Galaxy Nails

galaxy themed nails

When it comes to this look you want to make sure that you find the right balance between your sparkles and your base color. Pick sparkles and a base color that work together and you will be set. Start off by painting a base color of your choice. Once you have that applied to your nail you will be ready to begin adding the details. You will want to use nail art pens to do this. This will make it easier to get the precision lines that you need to create the perfect look. While it is possible with polish, it takes a high levels of skill to be able to get the same look with a brush.

Adding the Sparkle

Once your base color is dry you can start to add the sparkles. To do this you will want to begin at the center of your nail and then work your way out. Start by making a small circle at the center and then draw out a few small lines around the circle. As you draw these lines, make sure to also add one sparkles on each as you go. This will help to create the perfect look. Once you have the look created on one nail then you can just keep on repeating the same steps on each nail.

Finishing the Look

Once you have added the sparkles then the look is just about done. To finish this look off you will want to add a coat of topcoat to each nail. This will help the look stay in place and last longer. And that is how you create this Galazy Nail Tutorial. Now you will be rocking the night sky on your nails for days to come.

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