100 Cute And Easy Glitter Nail Designs Ideas To Rock This Year

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When it comes to nail art, sparkles and glitter perfectly completes the look you desire. Glitters add dazzle to every manicure and it is also one of the most common and popular forms of nail art. If you want to stand out in a style like no other, then glitter nail designs should be your go-to option!

Blue Glitter Nail Art

dark blue glitter gradient background

Experiment with lines, dots, waves and shapes or let your imagination run wild. Use this stylish blue gradient background glitters for a classic look. With this design, you can keep it simple and go for just one dome shaped glitters, or place them in a checkerboard pattern for a more eye-catching look!

Silver Glitter

silver rectangular glitter

Want to make your nails look like a million dollars? Get the Silver Glitter Nail Art! This glamorous yet simple design features silver rectangular glitters placed in a pattern to give the perfect shine. Whether you want to make a statement at an event or just want to feel like a celebrity– this design will never fail you!

Graffiti Art Nails

colorful graffiti art glitters design

For those who love something outside the box, the Graffiti Art Nails is perfect for you. Each nail is painted with a different neon color and then glittered with ifferent sizes and shapes of colorful glitters. This nail design will definitely turn your fingers into a canvas of vibrant artwork!

Metallic Glitter

dark make metallic glitters design

Go for something a bit more subtle with the Metallic Glitter Nail Art. This design features one ombre or two complementary solid colors plus metallic glitters. This nail art is perfect for a chilled out day when you want a bit of sparkle without looking too outspoken.

Neon Glitter Nail Art

neon green and yellow glitter design

Another eye-catching design is the Neon Glitter Nail Art. This fun nail design combines neon green, yellow, and pink with white and silver glitters. To make your nails look extra glam, pair it with other neon shades for a multicolor look. This design is perfect for a wild night of partying!

Foil Stamping Nail Art

silver star-shaped foil stamp design

If you love decorations that look like jewelry, Foil Stamping Nail Art is perfect for you! This design features silver foil stamping in star shapes for a look that imitates silver brooches, necklaces, and rings. For a more bold statement, combine different colors and stamp shapes. You can also add other sparkly glitters for a dramatic effect.

Try one of these glitter nail designs to show off your personality. Add some of these ideas to your next Manicure appointment, and you’ll be sure to draw attention and make a statement!

100 Cute And Easy Glitter Nail Designs Ideas To Rock This Year