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We all know that the look and feel of your hands and nails can speak volumes about your fashion sense and style. Gold nail art is one of the hottest trends this season, and it’s easy to see why. Gold nails look glamorous and stunning, yet they require minimal effort and have maximum impact. Whatever the occasion, gold nails can take your outfit to the next level.

Marble and Gold

Marble and gold nails

This look combines a cream marble design with beautiful gold ornamentation. The long nails have a French tip, with a marble pattern underneath and gold detail above. For an extra touch of glamour, the ring finger is accented with an extra gold stripe.

Gold Gradient

Gold gradient nails

Upgrade your basic French mani with this subtle and chic look. The nails alternate between off-white and grey. Then, the tips are dipped in gold and the half moons are adorned with a rhinestone. It’s a glamorous yet subtle look you can wear anywhere.

Hit of Glitter

Gold glitter nails

For a bit of fun and sparkle, why not add some glitter to your gold colour-theme? The look is simple – glossy golden nails with a simple stripe accent. Then, for a bit of extra dazzle, glittery stripes are added to each nail. It’s a stunning and simple look.

Stamping Gold

Gold stamped nails

This look is great for a night out. Metallic gold stamping gives a bit of extra oomph to these otherwise simple nails. Each nail is slightly different, stamping our own artistic flare, while still retaining its natural beauty. The golden tips add an extra pop of glamour.

Bejewelled Gold

Gold bejewelled nails

Decorated with golden jewels, these nails look both glamorous and royal. The effect is created with gold leaf polish, then jewels are embedded on the half moons and rings. This look is great when you want to appear extra classy and sophisticated.

Gold Chain Tips

Gold chain nails tips

For a bit of extra edge and sass, try adding actual golden jewellery to your nails. Here, golden nail tips are complete with the addition of a tiny gold chain. Perfect when you want to show off your style with a bit of bling.

Gold Glitter Chevron

Gold glitter chevron nails

This chic design may look complicated but it’s surprisingly easy. Half of each nail is painted in a golden glossy shade, with the other half receiving a special treatment – gold glitter chevron. It’s a glamorous and stylish look, guaranteed to make heads turn.

Gold nails not only look stunning and sophisticated, but they also signify the start of something special. Whether you’re painting your nails
46 Cute Gold Nail Art Designs and Ideas for 2017 » EcstasyCoffee